Loving Our Children – 2

Loving our Children

Mrs. Alexandra Kpikpi

Do you love me?

I have read before that the unspoken question that children are always (unconsciously) asking is: “Am I loved?” Does my new teacher love me? Does my mummy love me? Does my daddy? Do Mummy and Daddy love me now that we have moved house? Or now that there is a new baby? Do Mummy and Daddy love me, even though I failed my spelling test?
Do you love your children? How much do you love them? Most of us would say, “Of course I love my children!” It can be difficult to express how much we love our children – we love them to the moon and back. One of the main reasons we work as hard as we do, is to provide for our children – and we do this because we love them. We also cook for them, wash and iron their clothes, make sure they have a place to sleep etc – all because we love them.
Despite all this, many children do not know that their parents love them, or they do not know how much they are loved. We need to get better at communicating our love.

Ways to show our children that we love them

Take care

We cannot do these things if we are not living in the same country, town or house with our children and we cannot do these things if we always return home so late that they are asleep by the time we get back. If we are not living with or spending time with our children, we need to reorganise our lives. There is only this time (NOW!) to do it. Once children reach a certain age, they will leave home and we will have lost our opportunity to show them how much we love them.